Sound Healing Frequencies

sound healing

Many of you may have already heard about the concept of sound healing, sound bathing or sound therapy by now. Sound is powerful ( in good ways and bad)-  just think how you feel when you hear your alarm go off in the morning. In contrast, think about how you feel when you hear birds chirping. 

Research has shown that certain frequencies have healing properties- specifically, Solfeggio Frequencies. 

We play Solfeggio Frequency Music in our Living Room at Pillar Holistic Living.


What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

Solfeggio frequencies refer to specific tones, which can be used to evoke  mental or physical responses. Certain frequencies can positively affect the mind and body with those at a specific  amount of hertz (Hz) the most effective.


The Solfeggio frequencies make up a 6-tone music scale, which was first used in religious music in the 10th century. Music tuned to the frequency of this scale is known to have healing properties and promote better well-being.The Solfeggio frequencies are most commonly associated with the Gregorian Chants.


Physician and researcher, Dr. Joseph Puleo, rediscovered Solfeggio frequencies in the 1970s, bringing their benefits back into public awareness. In his research, he used mathematical numeral reduction to identify six measurable tones that bring the body back into balance and aid in healing.


There are six main solfeggio frequencies ( there are 9 in total). They are;

  • The 396 Hz for liberating one from fear and guilt
  • The 417 Hz frequencies for facilitating change and undoing situations
  • The 528 Hz for miracles and transformations like DNA repair
  • The 639 Hz frequencies for relationships and reconnecting
  • The 741 Hz solfeggio frequencies for getting solutions and expressing themselves
  • The 852 Hz frequencies for returning one to a spiritual order
  • The 963 HZ solfeggio frequencies create room for oneness and unity.

The Science Behind the Music: Schumann resonance

In 1952, German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann mathematically documented the electromagnetic resonances existing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere (the electrically charged part of the Earth’s atmosphere). He uncovered that these electromagnetic waves, originating from discharges of lightning, resonated at a low frequency ranging between 7.8 Hz to 8Hz. He determined that this frequency was, what he believed to be, the Earth’s heartbeat.

Schumann’s successor, Konig discovered that the resonances matched the five different brainwave states: delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma.

The Solfeggio frequencies have such positive effects because they resonate in harmony with the Schumann resonance of 8 Hz.


Vibration is the basis for everything, and every vibration will have its very own frequency. Exposing the body to Solfeggio frequencies will ensure you achieve balance and deep healing. 







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