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When we finally made the decision it was time to build a new life for ourselves after serving the Greater Manchester, New Hampshire community for over 17 years; we had the opportunity to choose anywhere in the U.S. to go. This was an exciting, yet daunting task. We decided to make our list of ‘must-have’ city traits, and started our search. Greenville continued coming up on Top 10 lists from “Best Small Cities in the US” to “Best Place to Live in the U.S.” 

So, in June 2021 I flew down to Greenville to do a recon mission for our family-  to see if Greenville really lived up to the hype. Spoiler alert- it did! The city checked all of our boxes and then some. When I returned from my trip, I had created a slideshow presentation for my family in an effort to sell a move to Greenville to them. It was an easy sell. They were on board. And,  our intention to move south, to ‘warmer weather and warmer people’ was set.  

Now we had the rare opportunity to start our lives anew- and be and do whatever we wanted. Jessica and I sat down on many occasions to co-create our dream practice. Ultimately, in the end we decided that what we really wanted was to not only share our message of wellness chiropractic care for the whole family- but to share with our community what it actually means to be well. We believe that being well is living a lifestyle that nourishes you as a whole- mind, body and soul; all while making environmentally conscious choices.

Covid was a time of great reflection for us, and priorities began to shift. We also started noticing this was something that was happening everywhere for others as well. We saw on social media that people were trying new things whether it be eating more plant-based foods, or changing careers, moving to new states/countries, etc. We could see that people were seeking change. That an awakening was happening. It was time to no longer just survive-  it was time for people to thrive.

Sometimes people know they want something different- but they don’t know where to start or who to turn to for help on their new journey. Pillar Holistic Living was born from our deep desire to support others to develop healthy lifestyle habits that foster balance in all areas of life, whether it be mental, physical, social, financial, spiritual, environmental, or vocational. 

What we have created so far is just Phase One– the branding, interior/exterior design, and inspiration are from Scandinavian influence. Not only from their minimal but warm design, but also their life philosophies that focus on community, connection, healthy work-life balance, high standards of living with less pressure, less stress, and more time for everything they enjoy, and love doing.

We also wanted to create a “third place” for the community. Third places are social surroundings that are separate from the two usual social environments of home (“first place”) and the workplace (“second place”). Third places, then, are “anchors” of community life that facilitate and foster broader, more creative interaction.

We believe in a holistic-living philosophy– eat well, move well and think well. Pillar Holistic Living was designed to encompass this holistic-living philosophy.

The hub of our business is Dr. Jessica’s comprehensive, gentle, low-force chiropractic care–  with a special focus on family wellness, pregnancy and pediatric care. She created a reputation over our 17 years in practice up north as the go-to doctor for family wellness – and plans on doing the same here.

Our plant-based micro-market is stocked with unique, smaller brands to help other small businesses like ourselves; as well as serve as a healthy oasis in this area of Greenville. Our micro-market has bins for compostables, recyclables, and both TerraCycle collection and BricolageDynamics glass collection.We plan on expanding our offerings to include fresh food options for everyone (Phase Two).

We also will be offering a wide array of classes and workshops for the body & mind in the new year -such as breathwork, meditation, yoga and more!  Support groups for families, and educational workshops on healthy living will also be offered.

Our carefully curated eco-friendly boutique offers sustainable, zero-waste (recyclable or compostable) products for home & body, as well as doctor-recommended items for mama & baby. The quote by Ghandi,  ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world has resonated with us for many years; and hopefully we can shed more light on our waste crisis when it comes to the choices people make when purchasing products.

Additionally, Dr. Jessica has stocked our in-store apothecary and online virtual dispensary with carefully chosen vegan- friendly vitamins, supplements, teas, and tinctures for infants, children and adults.

Thanks to our Branding Manager, Heather Clark Simon of Clark & Co., we learned about and embraced a biophilic design philosophy to create an environment that has a closer connection to nature. I love the quote ‘Nature isn’t a place you visit, it’s home.’ So, inside Pillar you’ll see our living moss wall as you enter (be sure to smell it- it’s wonderful), and a plethora of plants to help boost moods, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants.

Drawing inspiration from the growing number of murals in and around Greenville, We also wanted to gift our neighborhood and the community with one.  We enlisted the very talented and creative Lacey Hennessey of Lacey Does to help make our dream a reality. There are some Easter eggs within the mural- like the 3 purple finches representing the ‘3 little birds’ of our family and a nod to NH with the state bird. You’ll also see the caterpillar and butterfly representing growth and transformation, not only in our own lives-  but also for all of the people who walk through our door as they begin their wellness journey. 

Finally, just like Mice on Main- we have a scavenger hunt for all ages to find the caterPILLARs at Pillar. On your next visit see if you can locate the 6 caterPILLARs hidden throughout our space.  

We are excited to put down deep roots here in Greenville and share our vision with the community!

One love,

Brian Caruso



We promise. This will be the best burger you’ve ever tasted and we mean it!


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In 1996, something happened that changed my life forever. And, in turn changed many other lives, too. At the time I was in college working toward my degree in Psychology & Criminology. The summer before my senior year of college I was hit head on by a drunk driver.

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