Faith In The Darkness: Accepting Liminality

liminal space

Life has a way of taking us on unexpected journeys, doesn’t it?  There are times when it feels like we’ve hit rock bottom- like we’re lost in a sea of darkness with no clear path ahead where everything feels uncertain and dark, but you’re also on the cusp of something new and transformative.  It’s during these moments that we find ourselves in what’s known as the “liminal space.”


Liminality isn’t just a religious concept; it’s that space between what was and what will be. It’s the raw, uncharted territory where we’re shedding old layers and preparing for a breakthrough. It’s like standing on the edge of a new dawn, waiting for the first rays of light to reveal our next steps.

Sometimes, this liminal space feels like a “dark night of the soul.” It’s a period of deep introspection, where we confront our fears, doubts, and insecurities head-on even though it might feel uncomfortable and challenging. Just like a caterpillar in its cocoon, we’re undergoing a transformative process.

But here’s the beautiful part: healing can absolutely occur in this liminal space.  As we grapple with our inner demons, we’re also paving the way for growth, strength, and resilience. It’s in this darkness that we find the seeds of our future selves, waiting to sprout. This liminal space is a time of profound transformation, where we shed old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. Like a phoenix rising from its own ashes, we can emerge from this darkness stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

Remember, just because the path isn’t illuminated yet doesn’t mean it’s not there. This is where faith in the darkness comes into play. Patience and self-compassion become our guiding lights. And as we navigate this uncharted territory, we learn to trust the process, trust ourselves, and trust that the universe has a way of unfolding things in due time.


So if you’re in the midst of your own liminal space, know that you’re not alone. Your breakthrough is brewing, and the dawn is approaching.  Keep nurturing your spirit, embracing the darkness, and when the time is right, you’ll emerge stronger, wiser, and ready to embrace the new opportunities that await.

Stay resilient.

phoenix rising


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In 1996, something happened that changed my life forever. And, in turn changed many other lives, too. At the time I was in college working toward my degree in Psychology & Criminology. The summer before my senior year of college I was hit head on by a drunk driver.

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