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Chiropractic Care: A Natural Ally in Allergy Season

As allergy season approaches, many individuals seek relief from the discomfort of sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes. While traditional treatments offer temporary solutions, some people explore alternative approaches to manage their symptoms and enhance their...

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allergy season

Unlocking Harmony: The Universal Law of Vibration

Introduction: In the vast web of the universe, there exists an invisible force that permeates everything – the Law of Vibration. This universal law, often overlooked in the hustle of daily life, is a fundamental principle that governs the cosmos. Understanding its...

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Law of Vibration

Blending Science and Spirit

In the ever-evolving landscape of holistic wellness, Dr. Jessica Caruso stands out with her unique offering of Intuitive Chiropractic Energy Healing Sessions. Blending science and Spirit, her approach is a harmonious marriage of traditional chiropractic methods and...

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Intuitive Chiropractic Energy Healing Session

Mobile Chiropractic Care

Experience Healing in the Comfort of Your Home with Mobile Chiropractic Care In today's fast-paced world, finding time for self-care and well-being can be a challenge. The hustle and bustle of daily life often leaves us feeling stressed and physically worn out....

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mobile chiropractic

Backpack Safety: Your Guide to a Pain-Free Journey

Introduction Backpacks are an essential accessory for students, travelers, hikers, and commuters alike. They allow us to carry our belongings conveniently and efficiently, but improper use or overloading can lead to back pain, strain, and even long-term health...

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backpack safety

Holistic Telehealth Service

Pillar Holistic Living, a leading provider of holistic products and services for body, mind, and soul, is proud to announce the launch of its new Holistic Telehealth service led by renowned Chiropractor and Energy Practitioner, Dr. Jessica Caruso. With a...

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holistic telehealth

Asthma and Chiropractic Care

With the spring season upon us, I hear many parents comment on the increase in asthma symptoms their children experience. Whether the increase is caused by the abundance of outdoor physical activity, or the new growth of seasonal plants and grasses, asthma...

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asthma and chiropractic

Six Silent Signs of Subluxation in Children

The idea that if you are not sick then you are well is a common misconception when it comes to our health and wellness. The lack of common or obvious symptoms does not necessarily mean that you are healthy. Sounds crazy, right?!   When a patient presents to a...

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signs of subluxation

Why Parents Bring Children To The Chiropractor

Whether we have a large spine or a tiny little spine - if that spine is experiencing nerve distress then our magnificent bodies cannot operate smoothly. Over the years, as adult patients see Dr. Jessica adjusting a baby or small child- inevitably they always ask,“...

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children to the chiropractor

Heat vs Ice

Got pain? Before reaching for a bottle of pills- ask yourself if heat or ice is best for what you are currently experiencing. Heat and ice are both natural, affordable and relatively easy ways to relieve your pain.   The most common problem we see with newer...

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heat vs ice

Get a 200% Stronger Immune System

Did you know that chiropractic adjustments release stress from your body and improve your nervous system by regulating the “ Fight or Flight” response; improving your sleep and boosting your immune system by 200%?! Well, it’s true! Chiropractors are nervous system...

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